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Episode 1: Prologue

Two fatebound adventurers….er… idiots come across each other near the high road to Neverwinter. Their unlikely meeting will set off a chain of events neither player, nor DM are prepared for.

Episode 2: The Filth and the Fish

Our would be heroes find themselves tasked with helping their new friend Mikael discover more about the dragon and are introduced to a new companion; The Cleric. They explore the town before heading off to the South Phandalin Silver Mine, fight their first battle, and do a spot of fishing.

Episode 3: Through Silver and Blood

Our three heroes enter the defunt South Pandalin Silver searching for magic ore. Now under control of the Dick Heads the mine proved to be a treacherous place. Through cunning and luck the boys move deep into the depths of the mine encountering trouble, fortune, and begin to unravel a much larger conspiracy.

Episode 4: Fighting After Midnight

Our heroes return to town and catch up with the locals. The boys find a possible lead on Duke Angus and are thrust into a fight for the entertainment of the crowd and a well dressed purveyor of information.

Episode 5: Cult a' Personality

Our merry gang wakes up hungover but with some important clues. Mikael returns and upon looking at the mountain with the telescope sends the boys to find Jimmy. On the road our heroes meet an apple farmer with a distaste for horses and a dagger worshiping cult.

Episode 6: Several Different Races Gathered in a Cave and Grooving Cautiously

The boys explore the mysterious town of Leilon. Do some fishing. Possibly break into a house? Question why that apple farmer really doesn’t like horses and explore the coastal cave searching for Jimmy.

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